Hope Connections

Hope Connections for Community Integration is a peer-led recovery organization that serves as a place to go through – a gateway that uses a person-driven, recovery-focused approach to help connect a person in recovery to opportunities and resources in the community, while focusing on exploring his/her passions in life as a means to developing a network of social and wellness support.

Our skilled peer recovery coaches offer a variety of strategies and opportunities to engage, coach, and empower individuals on their journey throughout recovery


Do you know someone who:

  • is affected by substance use and/or in search of mental wellness and is experiencing challenges in his/her recovery,
  • is open to possibilities,
  • is willing to take chances on himself/herself, and
  • wants to connect with self-fulfilling opportunities that will support life long wellness?

     How do YOU need us to help YOU in YOUR recovery?     

Call us at (315) 362-7629

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Betsy McKeeProgram Director