Danny: Elementary Age Youth

Danny* was having difficulties in school. His hot temper kept getting in the way of his work. Danny’s teacher was having a hard time keeping him under control and engaged. It was becoming evident that Danny had a great deal of anger, and his education was suffering. 

Danny’s mother started sending him to the Vincent House Youth Center to help him find an outlet for his energy. Although Danny loved the activities, especially the arts and crafts, he struggled to stay focused and remain calm in stressful situations. Staff at Vincent House worked hard to help Danny deal with his frustrations, but real progress happened when Danny met Charlie*.

Charlie is a retiree who volunteers his time to work on the gardens at Vincent House. Danny quickly took an interest in the work that Charlie was doing outside and started to spend more and more of his time helping. Danny was excited to learn how to use the different gardening tools and Charlie was a patient teacher. As Danny became engaged in working on the gardens, staff at Vincent House and his teacher noticed a significant improvement in his behavior.

Danny passed first grade. While he still struggles with his temper, Danny has found a friend in “Mr. Charlie” and knows that his work is valued. He continues to help in the gardens whenever he can and his grades are steadily improving.


*Names have been changed.