Maria: Preschool Program

Maria is a cheerful 4-year-old who attends preschool at Vincent House. She is the oldest of three children, all under the age of four. Maria came to the program speaking a mix of English and Spanish. Although cognitively Maria was very age appropriate, neither language was clear or understandable. This caused Maria a great deal of frustration in expressing herself and in understanding the routine of the classroom.

The teachers have worked very hard with Maria to improve her communication. The presence of age appropriate interactions has also been beneficial for Maria, since it is limited at home. Though English is the dominant language in the classroom, the presence of a Spanish speaking teacher’s aide has helped this transition. The patience and support of the program staff have helped Maria become more verbal and understandable in her speech patterns. This has reduced her frustration in classroom interactions.

Maria still has some difficulty being understood, and classroom staff continues to monitor her language acquisition. As she becomes more verbal and increases her vocabulary, they will better be able to assess her speech and make recommendations for testing if necessary. Through her participation in program, Maria has been able to make gains in verbal and socialization skills, and has the added support of continuous monitoring should an evaluation be recommended.