Raymond: Elderly Services

Raymond suffered from a life-long chronic disease, as well as a learning disability, and received services through our Representative Payee Program. When he first came to us, he was having difficulty managing his money; his bills were often paid late, he often fell for offers by telemarketers, and he was sometimes financially abused by his friends.

We worked with Ray to ensure he was receiving all possible entitlements - Medicaid, Food Stamps, and the Home Energy Assistance Program - and helped him establish and understand a budget. As funds in his account began to grow, he was able to buy some things which made his life better. He developed a trusting relationship with our representative payee staff person, and our worker was able to help him in making good choices. He learned to deal better with his friends. We also worked with staff from other community agencies to bring him additional services.

Ray died last fall, and all those who had worked with him over the years were still with him at the end. At the funeral, one worker spoke about all the things Ray had taught us and how our lives had been enriched by knowing him. Not only had Ray learned to maintain himself and his dignity in the community, he also taught others to do the same.