Shayla & Kyra: Lullaby League

Shayla registered her 16-year-old, Kyra, for the Lullaby League course because she had taken the course herself 16 years ago. Shayla very much wanted her young daughter to learn the important basic information on how to care for a new baby.

When Kyra arrived for the first class accompanied by her mother, it was quite apparent that her mother was the one who wanted her to attend these classes. She was not interested in being present and seemed extremely indifferent about the pregnancy. As the course progressed, Kyra became more comfortable and started asking several questions. She instantly connected with another young first-time mom in the class who also expressed many of the same concerns and fears that Kyra had about becoming a mother and giving birth.

Upon completion of the course, Kyra expressed her gratitude for the information, said she felt much more prepared, and was even excited to meet her baby. Kyra later called to say that she had a healthy daughter and that both she and the baby were doing well. Kyra then registered herself for the next First Two Years course so that she could continue to “learn as much as I can to be a good mom.”