Welcome The Stranger

As an agency dedicated to the elimination of injustice and poverty, the act of welcoming refugees is an expression of our belief in the dignity and value of every person. We thank the people of Onondaga County who stand by us in our commitment to welcome the stranger.

See below for a list of actions you can take to support a welcoming refugee resettlement program both nationally and locally. You can view our full statement on this important issue here.

  • Contact your representatives
    • Call or email your representatives at all levels to tell them that you want a refugee resettlement policy that is welcoming. Many refugee advocates are urging lawmakers to raise the cap on refugees.
      • Find the contact information for your United States Senator here
      • Find the contact information for your United States Representative here
  • Advocate in your community
  • Donate
    • Cuts to spending can have a significant impact on our refugee resettlement program. Any future proposals scaling back resources would threaten our ability to provide services to refugees who are already in the country. Donations can be designated to the program by selecting “Refugee Resettlement” under “I want to support”.

Do you have any questions or concerns? You can email us at info@ccoc.us.

Thank you for taking the time to take action. As a faith community and a human service nonprofit, we are called to recognize and defend the dignity and value of every person. Thank you for helping us to answer that call.

Every person is of great worth

Learn about our history and our commitment to assisting the most vulnerable people in Syracuse regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or any other consideration.

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