ParentChild+ Program Fall 2022 Registration Open

Tajuana Cerutti, Communications Manager

“The ParentChild+ program gave me better insight into my little girl’s life,” one parent stated.

A child’s early learning years can lay a foundation for future academic triumphs. With the right help and tools, every toddler can be ready to enter school, and every caretaker can feel equipped and confident when implementing strategies to enhance each child’s skillset. ParentChild+ is a great way to work with trained professionals to make sure children between the age of 2 and 3 years old are supported in various ways.

Early Learning Specialists work directly with families in the home to provide resources to help children reach developmental milestones. Through books, toys, and activities, participants are challenged in ways that stilumate growth and identify areas to work on. The adults who have enrolled their children in the free program have seen positive outcomes in their toddlers while also learning a lot themselves throughtout the process.  

Other testimonials from different parents:

  • “I absolutely love the ParentChild+  program! It was amazing getting to teach my child a new book or toy every week. The program has enhanced his speech development and brought him out of his shell. He now loves to read every day. I feel he is much more prepared for an actual school environment. He also understands what a weekly routine is, looking forward to his ELS coming. I’m amazed and blessed to have had an opportunity to enjoy this program.”
  • “It was a wonderful opportunity for my children to listen and learn from another adult during such a difficult time in the world. [The] exposure was great!”
  • “It was a wonderful time for my mom and my son to spend with Ms. Sharon. They learned a lot and really enjoyed their time.”
  • “I love the program and can really see what my daughter has learned.”
  • “My child started speaking more clearly.”

You can get your child started on the right path today. Applications are being accepted for the 2022-23 school year (October to June).

To connect with a member of our staff to learn more about how to enroll a child, contact Sue O’Bryan at 315-466-4709 or Katie Rice at 315-800-3026. 

 *Catholic Charities serves as a replication site for the National ParentChild+ Program.

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