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We make room.

“There is no room at the inn.”

It’s the time of year when this story, originating in Bethlehem, is at the forefront of our minds: a family in need being turned away. At Catholic Charities, we do not turn people away in their time of suffering and need. We welcome them in. We make room.

Cold temperatures, an ongoing housing shortage, and global unrest have created an unprecedented crisis in Onondaga County. Our neighbors need help. We stand beside them, facing their problems with them. We make room.

We make room for 483 homeless men who need a warm bed.

We make room for 5,734 families who need to put food on the table.

We make room for 900 refugees striving to rebuild their lives.

And we make room for nearly 6,000 others who are struggling and need vital assistance.

We will never shy away from the problems facing the most vulnerable people in our community. We will continue to stand alongside them, making room.

But we cannot do this in a vacuum. Our neighbors need you too. Please consider making a year-end gift in support of the 13,000 people we serve who need help. Your contribution – no matter the amount – makes a difference.

Help us continue to make room.

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