Supporting Education at the Dorothy Day House

A Story from Staff at Dorothy Day House

Shauna* had faced a lot of adversity in life but, at age 23, was looking forward to starting college so that she could build a more stable life for herself and her two-year-old daughter. Just as she was about to get back to school, however, conflict in her household forced her to leave. With less than a month to go before classes began, she was facing homelessness and moved to Dorothy Day House, our shelter for women with children. (Staff members pictured to right.)

Shauna was afraid that she was not going to be able to start school because of her homelessness. Dorothy Day House staff reassured her she had a safe place to be and that they would work with her to help her find a new place to live and to start taking classes. Shauna met with a housing relocation case worker and began her housing search. She went out every day looking for housing and was able to find a place within three weeks. Staff were also able to assist her in enrolling in needed services, including health care for herself and her daughter. When Shauna moved into her apartment, staff at Dorothy Day were able to provide her with many household items to outfit her new place.

Shauna was determined not to let her homelessness derail her dreams of a brighter future. Dorothy Day House staff take pride in having been able to provide the support she needed. 

Dorothy Day House Shelter for Women and Children provides a temporary residence for women with children. Staff are on site to help residents find housing, apply for jobs, and care for their children. The shelter can house several families at a time and is regularly at capacity.   

*Name changed

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