Volunteer Day at Dorothy Day House

Bridget Dunn, Communications Coordinator

Kurt frowned thoughtfully and swapped an orange mum for a red one. 

“Balances better, right?” he asked a coworker, who considered the mums and the nearby hostas. He nodded in agreement and went back to raking mulch. 

Kurt and five fellow employees of Anaren, Inc. spent this morning at our Dorothy Day House. They pulled weeds, spread mulch, reedged the garden, planted over a dozen mums, reorganized several large planters and mowed the lawn as part of a company Day of Service. 

The bright little garden alongside our Dorothy Day House is a quiet outdoor space for the shelter’s residents. It has a picnic table and a small donated playset. The shelter is home for up to 18 people at a time, all women and their children under age 13. The families are struggling with homelessness. Dorothy Day House provides temporary shelter, meals and support to help the women find employment and more stable housing.

Many volunteers lend a hand and resources at the shelter. Several churches and community organizations regularly donate clothes and food and groups like Anaren help keep the garden and yard in good order. We are grateful to all who help make the Dorothy Day House a welcoming refuge for women and children in need.

“It’s a great day to be out doing work like this,” Kurt said with satisfaction as the flowers went in. “Nice to help.”   

Below, Anaren, Inc. employees at work. 

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