Gratitude – 2019 Recap

by Denise Headd, Chief Development Officer

Happy New Year!  During these last two weeks I have been making a conscious effort to clean up the clutter of the holidays. Taking down Christmas decorations reminds me that another season with family and friends has passed. I have the opportunity to sit back, take a breath and quietly reflect on 2019. The first word that comes to mind is gratitude


As the Chief Development Officer of our agency I have the privilege of seeing the generous donations that we receive throughout the year, and particularly at the end of the year. I receive the heartwarming phone calls asking “what do you need?” or “how and who can we help?” It’s in those moments that I realize how blessed we are for the generosity of our donors. Whether you were able to volunteer over the past year, sit on an agency committee, make a monetary contribution, or say a prayer for our staff and clients – you helped us to make 2019 a little easier for someone in great need.

Every day I see the clients that come in and out of our building. Many of them come to us on their worst day. My heart warms when I know that one of our staff members will meet them where they are, support them during their time of crisis, and help them to create some sense of stability. Every one of our clients leaves our building better off than when they arrived. If it weren’t for the generous gifts of our donors, we wouldn’t be able to help those who need us most.

As I look back and close the chapter of 2019 I want to thank you for all you do to support us in our work. I ask that you continue to journey with us and our clients into the new year. We need you and we are so grateful for you. May 2020 bring you and your families a year filled with peace, health and happiness.

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