Living the Mission

by Gracie Barney, Community Relations Specialist

“My clients know I don’t leave. Once they know you care, they stick with you and I stick with them,” says Atsede Negussey. “My clients know I am an advocate; I am here to help.”

Atsede Negussey is a Care Manager with our Adult Health Home care management program. Atsede began her work with Catholic Charities working at our Dorothy Day House Shelter for Women and Children. “I would see women come with their children and we would give them a place to stay and other resources they needed.” Atsede began to learn more about the services Catholic Charities provides. “I brag about Catholic Charities,” says Atsede. “I tell people what a wonderful place this is to work and this organization addresses homelessness, the mentally ill, and populations people don’t even know or they are afraid of. But as you get close, you see they are really decent, kind people.”

Atsede is truly living the mission of Catholic Charities. Born and raised in Ethiopia, she met her husband and moved to Canada before settling in Syracuse making it home for the last 31 years. Atsede’s dedication to serving others, kind spirit and caring nature comes through in everything she does. She works with 36 clients, assisting with finding a primary care provider, finding specialists, securing transportation, and much more.


“We all had nice beginnings, with parents who had dreams and believed in us,” says Atsede. “This can happen to anyone. You lose once, you are out of an apartment and you don’t have a place. You can’t apply for a job because you don’t have a place. And maybe you do something wrong because you are desperate and now you have a record. It’s very tough.” Atsede treats every client with kindness, respect, and dignity. All of us at Catholic Charities are deeply grateful to Atsede’s commitment and dedication to creating hope and transforming lives in Onondaga County.

Atsede recently joined our 1923 Society, a leadership giving society whose members make one or more unrestricted gifts totaling at least $1,000 annually.  A donation like this supports our programs and our work to eliminate poverty in Onondaga County. We thank Atsede for this generous donation and unwavering support.

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