Juhanna Rogers, PhD – Mover and Shaker 2019

“This city is vibrating with potential, and at the same time, there’s so much need,” says Juhanna Rogers. “Planting seeds of hope is something I owe to the people around me, because of my own mentors who’ve helped me become who I am.”

Juhanna Rogers, PhD, is being recognized as the Mover and Shaker of the year at our Salt City Shaker on October 24th. The Mover and Shaker is presented every year to a young professional in recognition of their work in the community. Dr. Rogers is currently Director of Community Engagement & Empowerment at CenterState CEO, and is a motivational speaker, commentator, artist, and education activist.

Dr. Rogers is originally from Newark, NJ, and completed her Ph.D. in higher education at Indiana University, where her research focused on critical race theory, racism in education, and experiences of Black students and scholars around the world. She came to Syracuse four years ago as the Director of Health Services at Syracuse Community Connections and took on her current position at CenterState CEO in 2017 because she saw an opportunity to effect change on a broader scale. She’s dedicated to utilizing her position, both professionally and personally, to engage people of color in education and in the community.

Dr. Rogers’ dedication to serving others resonated with the Salt City Shaker committee when selecting this year’s Mover and Shaker. Her approach reflects Catholic Charities’ mission, which is to recognize everyone as deserving of dignity and respect and to serve all who are in need.

“It’s my responsibility to create opportunities and empower others who don’t have the access I do,” says Dr. Rogers. “It’s a philosophy I was raised with. I was challenged to benefit the community at every turn.”

Dr. Rogers said she was overwhelmed to learn that she had been selected as this year’s Mover and Shaker. Her focus has always been on keeping her head down and taking care of the work in front of her. She sees her accomplishments as a credit to everyone who has helped her along the way.

“When you’re recognized like this, it isn’t about you, it’s about all the people who poured into you,” says Dr. Rogers. “It’s about the people who did things to help me – they babysat my son, read my papers, taught me to dance, mentored me. I am a manifestation of all of that, and that’s what’s walking across the stage.”

Congratulations to Dr. Rogers! We look forward to celebrating with you at the Salt City Shaker! The event takes place on October 24th from 5:30pm to 7:30pm at the CNY Community Foundation.

Tickets and sponsorships for the Salt City Shaker are available here: ccoc.us/saltcity2019

Learn more about Dr. Rogers and her work in the community on her website here: juhannarogers.com

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