Paying it Forward

What would you do with a year’s supply of coffee? We imagine the answer for most people is – drink it! When we raffled off a year’s supply of coffee last week, however, we got a very different and wonderful answer.

The year’s supply of coffee was donated by Paul deLima Coffee, and was raffled off to a member of our Catholic Charities’ Champions at the end of 2018. The Champions are supporters who show their dedication by making a gift of any size every month. The randomly selected winner was a very loyal donor who has been giving anonymously for many years, Mrs. Smith.*

When we called Mrs. Smith with the news, she replied that she was delighted to have won something, but could not use that amount of coffee herself. She asked that we donate it to Francis House on her behalf, where she was sure it would be appreciated by more people. We are touched by Mrs. Smith’s generosity, and happy to facilitate this donation to such a deserving recipient as Francis House.

Every day, we see the evidence of our supporter’s generosity through the programs they make possible, but this was a special reminder of your collective dedication to creating hope in Onondaga County. Thank you, Mrs. Smith!

*Not the winner’s name. Name has been changed at the request of the raffle winner.

Posted by Bridget Dunn, Communications Manager

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