CCOC Participates in Point in Time Count of Homeless Population

Last night, January 30th, about a dozen Catholic Charities staff members bundled up to volunteer for the Point in Time (PIT) Count. The PIT Count is an annual effort by the Housing and Homelessness Coalition to count the homeless population in CNY. Volunteers from CCOC, Rescue Mission, Salvation Army and other organizations and members of the public teamed up to get the job done.

Volunteers met at the Rescue Mission in the midst of bitterly cold temperatures to partner up, grab supplies and pick up their lists of donations. The teams then fanned out across the community, some walking the streets of Syracuse and others heading out to check 24-hour locations where people sometimes seek out shelter. When volunteers encounter unsheltered people during the PIT Count, professional outreach staff and sent out to find the best way to address their challenges. 

The goal of the PIT Count is to get an accurate snapshot of homelessness in our community. Counts are conducted at shelters, soup kitchens and other locations on the night of the count and the following morning. Records are then cross-referenced and de-duplicated to arrive at a final number. Simultaneous efforts are organized in neighboring counties.

This important event helps us better serve the homeless community in Onondaga County. Our thanks to all of our staff and the many others who volunteered their time and energy to ensure a successful night.

Posted by Bridget Dunn, Communications Manager

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