Smiles and Joy: A Volunteer Reflection

CBA student Katrina Makayan recently completed five hours of service at our CYO Refugee Services as part of a class assignment. Below is an excerpt from a poem she wrote about the experience. We are deeply grateful to Katrina, her fellow youth volunteers, and all supporters of our work. You help create hope in Syracuse every day! 

Their smiles and joy transferred into me
When the first thing they did was just
Simply offer me a hug.
Part of me was so glad to be
Spending time with children who simply
Just saw the good in things,
It was just a breath of fresh air.
A part of me couldn’t help but think,
“Why do these kids who have close to almost nothing
Drip with sunshine and happiness
While I have almost everything I could ask for and
I tend to spill words that form
Complaints and ungratefulness?”
The Simple things such as
Playing a simple card game,
Helping with homework,
Or just having a simple conversation with them,
Made their day.
Little did they know that just their laughter, made mine.  

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