Staying Connected to those we serve: Jessica Salvage

by Gracie Barney, Community Relations Specialist

Throughout this pandemic, Catholic Charities has continued to provide case management, therapeutic, and support services through phone and video options. A small number of our programs have continued to operate uninterrupted including our Men’s Shelter, Emergency Food Pantry, and Refugee Services. We are grateful for our frontline workers who have provided critical support and service to our most vulnerable community members.

Jessica Salvage has been working for Catholic Charities for the past two years as Case Manager for our Lullaby League program. Lullaby League is an educational and supportive program for parents who are expecting or have babies zero to one years old. Lullaby League has 4 week infant care classes, support groups for parents, and offers home visiting support for postpartum families.

Lullaby League in person classes have been on hiatus in wake of the pandemic but Jessica has still been able to meet the needs of clients by providing diapers to mothers and families. Jessica has been on the front lines delivering diapers to families and running a diaper distribution out of our Vincent House location.

“I’m proud to be a front line worker,” said Jessica, “I’m thankful for the opportunity to still serve our clients” she continued. Jessica has been delivering diapers to families who cannot attend the diaper distribution drop in center or families that have been quarantined due to the virus.

“If I opened my door and there were diapers on my porch, I’d feel so connected, blessed and thankful that someone was thinking about me.  That is the part that means the most to me about delivering the diapers to our clients.” said Jessica. Jessica shares how important it is to not only have virtual connections but in person connection as much as possible for her clients. Jessica calls clients and to let them know she is on her way, while she rarely sees people in person, some clients will wave from their window or screen door to say thank you.

Jessica volunteered to deliver diapers and help run the diaper distribution drop in center because she believes this is important work and feels supported by Catholic Charities. “One thing I value about working at Catholic Charities is they do their best to care for their employees. When we feel seen and heard, we can better support our clients” said Jessica.

Jessica appreciates how creative and flexible Catholic Charities has been during this pandemic to better serve clients and work with their staff. “Catholic Charities has created protocols and procedures to keep employees safe which makes me feel courageous and excited to serve our clients” said Jessica.

We are grateful for Jessica and her continued work to meet the needs of our clients. Jessica is one example of the hard working front line workers we have on our staff. “Catholic Charities has allowed me to serve the population without fear” said Jessica in response to any safety concerns around COVID-19.

We are fearless. We are Catholic Charities.

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