The Oxford Street Inn Celebrates 40 Years

by Gracie Barney, Community Relations Specialist

In December 2019, Catholic Charities original Men’s Shelter, The Oxford Inn, celebrated 40 years. Established in 1979, The Oxford Inn opened its doors to the homeless community in Syracuse. In 2013, the Catholic Charities Men’s Shelter moved to South Clinton St. and was renamed the Catholic Charities Men’s Shelter. 

To celebrate 40 years and honor the staff, volunteers, and guests, we’ve purchased a bench along the Creek Walk where the Oxford Inn was located. 

Anthony MacDonald who has served as a Shelter Aide 2 and Caseworker at the Men’s Shelter for over 14 years spoke about his career and the importance of the shelter’s work. 

“God has blessed me to work with Catholic Charities and gave me the ministry to work with the homeless which I truly desire in my heart to serve the homeless men of Syracuse and Catholic Charities,” said MacDonald. 

“We serve men that are full of pain, that are at their lowest and we are given the opportunity to to talk to them when they are ready to talk, and relieve some of the pain that they carry,” said MacDonald. MacDonald spoke to the array of services Catholic Charities provides at the Men’s Shelter including shelter and case management services. “We help with mental health, drug use and addiction,” MacDonald began. “There are a lot more services needed than just finding an apartment. We try to give them full service that is needed to go out and be successful in their life.”

In regards to anyone struggling with homeslessness, Anthony spoke to the importance of getting services. “We provide many services for a person in this situation like financial services or getting connected to mental health services,” said MacDonald. For more information about our services and the Men’s Shelter, please visit:

We are deeply grateful for the staff, volunteers, guests, and supporters of the Oxford Inn. 

To support the Catholic Charities Men’s Shelter:

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